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We're making it easy. You can now join the Circular Wardrobe movement at Ginger & Smart and extend the lift of your item by re-selling or renting thanks to AirRobe.



Create your AirRobe Circular Wardrobe as you shop.



When you're ready to checkout, double check you added your purchase to AirRobe.



All your eligible items are already waiting for you in your Circular Wardrobe.



You'll receive a separate email from AirRobe to activate your new account.



Now it's up to you when you're ready to part ways with your threads on AirRobe's marketplace.


What is happening?

As part of our journey towards creating a circular economy, Ginger & Smart has partnered with AirRobe, a second-hand fashion marketplace. Through a new widget implemented on Ginger & Smart's site, you can add your Ginger & Smart purchases directly to your Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe, making them immediately available for you to recycle, rent or resell them, after you have loved and worn them.

How do I access AirRobe?

With one click you can add Ginger & Smart purchases to AirRobe. After placing your order, you can activate your AirRobe account by clicking through from the Ginger & Smart order confirmation page. Once your AirRobe account is activated, you can choose to rent, recycle or resell your items through AirRobe. Your purchased items will be there waiting for you: when ready to list them on the AirRobe marketplace, just update their condition and you are ready to go.

Can I list any product I buy on Ginger & Smart?

You can rent, recycle and re-sell most fashion products on AirRobe. However, we want to encourage our customers towards more conscious consumption, so some products might not be eligible due to factors such as the age, category or price of the product. Please note that eligibility of a product may also change over time.

Will my Ginger & Smart account be linked across to AirRobe?

AirRobe is a separate company, so your account won’t automatically link. After adding your purchased items and successfully placing your order, you will still need to activate your AirRobe account (unless you already have one). On the order confirmation page you will have the option to click through to AirRobe and activate your account. If you do not activate your account at this point, you will also receive an email from AirRobe with a link to complete your account activation.

Will my Ginger & Smart account show what items have gone into my circular wardrobe?

Once you add an item, your Circular Wardrobe will be accessible via AirRobe only. You will not be able to view AirRobe items via your Ginger & Smart account.

Do I need to do anything other than update the condition?

If you have added your purchased item to AirRobe via Ginger & Smart, once you set an AirRobe account, your item will be waiting for you in AirRobe so that when you’re ready to list them you only need to provide an update on their condition, e.g. if they have been gently used. It’s advisable to upload a photo of the pre-loved condition of the items when you are ready to list them, to help buyers in their purchase decision.

I forgot to add my items before placing my order, can I still list them on AirRobe?

The easiest way to list items on AirRobe is to add products before placing your order with Ginger & Smart. However, you can also manually upload products and list them on the AirRobe marketplace directly from your AirRobe account – visit AirRobe for details on how to do this.

If I add items to AirRobe, will I receive promotional content from them?

When you add an item, you are consenting to Ginger & Smart providing your contact details to AirRobe. AirRobe will then contact you to set up an account only. If you receive unwanted promotional content from them, please contact their customer service team.

What happens if I return my item after it has been added to AirRobe?

If you return an item listed on AirRobe back to Ginger & Smart, you need to go into your AirRobe account and remove the item. You can find information on how to do this in their FAQs here.

Why has my item been removed from AirRobe?

Unfortunately, Ginger & Smart has no visibility on your AirRobe account or items listed on AirRobe. We encourage you to reach out to the AirRobe Customer Service team for any account-related questions.

Can I buy an item, rent it out and return it back to Ginger & Smart?

No, in line with our returns policy, items can be returned only if unworn, unused and with the original tags still attached. Please see our full returns policy here. If you no longer want to rent your item, you can list it for resale or recycle.

I have another question related to AirRobe, do I need to contact them?

We're happy to help you with any questions related to our partnership with AirRobe. If you already have an AirRobe account and your question relates to listing/selling or purchasing items on the AirRobe marketplace, please contact them directly at

I haven’t received the email to sign up to AirRobe but I added my items, what do I do?

We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the email, please check your junk and spam folders to see if it’s ended up in there. If you’re unable to find it you can simply go to AirRobe’s website and sign up and upload the items manually.

I already have an AirRobe account, can I still add products from Ginger & Smart’s site?

We encourage you to keep growing your AirRobe circular wardrobe, by adding your purchased pre-loved items from Ginger & Smart to your existing AirRobe account. Use the same email address you chose when you created your existing AirRobe account, or add your Ginger & Smart email address to your AirRobe account before adding items.

I added products to AirRobe, but I cannot see them in my Circular Wardrobe.

Please check that your email address used for both Ginger & Smart and AirRobe are the same. If they are, please contact us and we’ll look into it for you.

I added only certain products to AirRobe but all items in my orders are now shown in my Circular Wardrobe.

For your convenience, once you add one item to AirRobe, all fashion items you’ll purchase within the same order will be added to your Circular Wardrobe, ready for you to repurpose them, after you’ve loved and worn them. If you prefer not to, you can easily remove the products from your Circular Wardrobe at any time.

Do I have to pay for shipping when selling items on AirRobe?

All logistical arrangements are made through AirRobe - please refer to AirRobe’s FAQs here.

How do I get paid on AirRobe?

Payment is arranged via AirRobe – please refer to AirRobe’s FAQs here.

Do I need to pay a fee to list my pre-loved items on AirRobe?

No, creating an account and listing your pre-loved items on AirRobe is free of charge.

Are there any other fees I will incur when selling and buying items on AirRobe?

All logistical arrangements are made through AirRobe – please check out their FAQs for all the info.

If I exchange an item, can I update the description in my AirRobe account?

Of course! If you exchange an item you previously added to your AirRobe account, you can still update the details before listing it on the Circular Wardrobe marketplace.

I saw the AirRobe widget yesterday but now it’s gone and I want to place an order. Will it come back?

We are sorry to hear that you cannot locate the widget on our website right now, rest assured we are working hard to get it back online for you as soon as possible. Remember, if you place your order and are unable to add your products, you can always add them manually to your AirRobe account later on.

What is a circular economy?

Circular economy is terminology that defines a shift in the traditional or ‘linear’ model of take-make-dispose, in which we consume finite resources and produce vast quantities of waste, towards new models that keep products and materials in use for as long as possible and enable them to be repurposed or recycled into new products at their end-of-life, never becoming waste. Ginger & Smart is committed to disrupting and innovating the Australian fashion ecosystem. In partnership with AirRobe, we will expand our sustainability position and further tap into the opportunity to contribute to creating a circular economy for fashion.

What happens to my items when I choose to recycle them?

When you select for one of your items to be recycled AirRobe will evaluate its condition upon arrival, if it's still in usable condition the product will be donated to one of AirRobe charity partners. If the item isn’t in good condition, depending on the type of item/s and its composition, one of AirRobe’s partners will be selected based on their recycling capabilities. For more information please contact AirRobe customer service.