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Creativity is at the heart of Ginger & Smart. We ask our designers what the secret is to finding theirs... 


Where does your creative inspiration come from?

Genevieve Smart (GS) Inspiration comes to me when I’m not searching for it and I’m immersed in other passions like arts and culture, books or music or conversations with fascinating people. Change and evolution inspires me and as Creative Director of Ginger & Smart, I’m motivated to keep refining our design, process and practice. Nature is an eternal source of awe and inspiration for our collections.

Alexandra Smart (AS) Inspiration for me has always come from traveling to new countries and exciting places and discovering new people and ways of being. And new approaches to design, spaces, music, art, living. Closer to home, I’m inspired by reading books/magazines/blogs and researching as much as I can about things I love. Meeting and knowing creative and interesting people and friends is also an inspiration. The challenge for creativity is time. And finding enough to realise a vision or a project.

What makes you thrive personally?

GS I stay motivated by trying to see the beauty around me, remembering to feel grateful and not giving my energy to things that are not important. Overcoming challenges, evolving, learning, love, and integrity, connectedness all help me thrive in business and in life. 

AS I love the balance of creativity and business that being Managing Director of Ginger & Smart affords me. Using both sides of my brain is very important and makes everyday interesting. I love that our business bring together many passions of mine: design, interiors, fashion, photography, retail, branding, digital, business, people…

How do you prioritise your health and wellbeing when juggling successful careers and motherhood?

GS I have learnt the hard way that I’m a better designer, business woman and mother when I make time to nurture my body and mind. I stay active most days a week, meditate often, breathe deeply, hug my children a lot, listen to them closely and swear by Turmeric & Ginger as the ultimate heath tonic.

AS The truth is, it’s hard and never perfect. But spending time with my kids and close friends is always regenerative; and quiet weekends, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, (mostly) healthy food. Coffee and Rosé help too!!!

What are the key wardrobe staples you believe a women should have in her closet?

GS Fashion is about self-expression and as a number one rule a woman should have only the pieces she truly loves in her wardrobe, the pieces that tell the story of her. For me it’s my collection of G+S crisp man style cotton shirts accumulated over the years, soft leather trousers and an oversized blazer.

AS Key pieces in any wardrobe should reflect a woman’s personal journey and her own aesthetic. It’s never a formula. Some days I wake up and feel the desire to wear a more feminine look, and other days a sharp suit. It’s cool to play around. My go-to is often our leather pants with a boys-style jacket. I also can’t wait to get my hands on our Vega knee-high python boots.


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